Home Space Planning

No matter how big our homes are, most of us seem to have more to store than space available.  Sometimes it’s about organization, sometimes it’s about having too much stuff, but sometimes it’s about not having a functional space.  Even after purging and organizing, a lack of functionality in your home can cause many unnecessary headaches.

There is a feeling you get when you walk into a space that flows and works well, a kind of peace and “rightness” about it.  Even when there’s a lot in the space, if it functions well and flows from one area to another comfortably, it just feels right.  Many decades-old homes were built with a collection of connected boxes and strangely configured cubbyholes.  Even the more recent homes suffer from poor design.  There is a better way!

If you find that your home just doesn’t seem to work for your situation, that it’s impeding you from living comfortably in the space, maybe I can help.  A new set of eyes and a different perspective can sometimes make a huge difference.  While not an architect or structural engineer, I do have a good eye for ways to improve spaces to make them work better, sometimes in unexpected ways.  I will often improve not only the flow of a home but also introduce better uses of spaces and increased storage.

Let’s talk about how I might be able to help you rethink your home to improve the way you live.  I am available for consultation within 30 miles of Landis, NC at very competitive rates.


Posted July 7, 2005 by Melissa

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