Remodeling Consultation

It is very common for people to have ideas about how they want their home to look, but not have a clue of how to make it happen.  Extensive or highly-structural changes should be discussed with an architect or engineer, but more moderate remodeling can usually be handled with a contractor or builder.  While many contractors today are able to work well with homeowners on remodeling projects, this is not universally the case.  There are often problems of communicating exactly what the homeowner wants done in the terms the contractor works with, and this can lead to unexpected (and unpleasant) results.

I have had extensive experience working with floor plans and with contractors, both in my own home and in others’, and I have come to the realization that it helps to be able to talk both “homeowner-speak” and “contractor-talk” for a successful outcome.  I have the ability to listen to the homeowner to understand what they want, then translate that into drawings the contractor can work from directly or take to a draftsman.  I can help the homeowner “see” the new configuration in their minds’ eye and describe any pitfalls their ideas may create.  I can attend discussions they have with their contractor to help with any “translation” that may be needed to ensure a better understanding on all sides.  I can also offer suggestions of questions the homeowner should discuss with the contractor.

In the end, there should be a much better understanding between all parties of exactly what will be done, how it will look, what is included, when it will be finished, and what it will cost.  My interactions and drawings will act as vehicles for better communication, a higher homeowner comfort level, and a better end result.

Contact me today if you would like to arrange for a consultation for your remodeling project.  I am available for clients within a 30-mile radius of Landis, NC at very competitive rates.  I also have contacts for very reliable contractors and subcontractors if you have need of them.


Posted July 7, 2005 by Melissa

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